Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beautiful November Skies - November 17, 2012

One thing I have always enjoyed about November is the beautiful skies in the evenings.  November, is without a doubt, a very cloudy month.  However, without clouds, we wouldn't have the gorgeous skies either.  This one, two nights ago, which would look better in a larger format photo, looked like someone did crosshatching with colored pencils.  The blue lines all went one direction and all the pinks another.  I took it as kind of a reference photo for some art work.  However, I have to wonder if I could pull it off in a color pencil drawing as well as it actually looked.  The sunrises are something to behold also.  If there is some cloud cover, that with the brilliant red sun rise, it can be pretty darned spectacular.  But, again, if there is too much cloud cover and/or fog, you get nothing.  The big red sun barely made an appearance through both of those things this morning.  Yesterday, that big red sun painted a glaze over everything when it came up over the beaver ponds.  Wow! 
It is the season for making a mess in the house too.  Once we have our venison, it has to be processed.  This means canning jars and chunks of meat all over the kitchen in various forms of being made ready to preserve.....or cut some more, depending on what piece of meat it is.  Then, into the vacuum seal unit to get it ready for the freezer.  By the time Thanksgiving comes around, I am getting entirely ready to be done with making messes all over the kitchen.  Then, I make more messes.  Anyone who ever made lefse will know what I am talking about here.  You can not make that without making one and it takes a lot of counter space to do it. 
This pretty boy walked through the yard a couple of nights ago while I was working in the kitchen.  As is true with most of the bucks this time of year, he was always moving and busy looking at what was happening around the yard.  You take a dozen photos to get one decent one because of poor light and too much action.  But, they are sure fun to see.  His big blocky head reminds me of a big buck we called "Big Boy"....for obvious reasons, a few years back.  He managed to make a lot of years, given all the hunting pressure and wolves in the area.  I have many sheds of his and many photos too.  He was probably a good 12 years old when he died.  I am quite sure someone had shot him during the hunting season that year.  He arrived back with a bad front shoulder and couldn't use that leg.  He made it through the whole winter and was here regularly and then, end of April, when he was getting ready to go back to the woods for the summer.....the wolves got him.  I found him, what was left, two days after they got him.  A sad ending for a proud old buck.  I have since tried not to get so attached to the big boys...because, they always end up having something or somebody catch up to them.  Some of the girls do pretty well.  Some of our girls have lasted a good dozen years, or more, too!
I will leave you with one final sky shot...taken 3 or 4 nights ago when it was mostly clear but had a few scattered fluffy clouds.  The few that there were .....were really spectacular.  :)


  1. I have been reading your blog and really enjoy it.
    My husband and I have just returned from Deer Camp and have our freezer filled. Love your photos.

  2. Thanks Rosalea. Yes, I enjoy doing wildlife photos. They aren't always fantastic, but you get what you get when doing them. I even post some mediocre ones on my Facebook Moose Valley Photography page some days, just so people can see I am out there and trying. They are still interesting. We are just about done with processing the venison. The canned scraps for dog food left to go. :)

  3. Some gorgeous pictures once again, Foxy Lady.

    Somehow it doesn't seem right that the "lady of the house" (or at least the one who's usually in the kitchen!) gets the mess of deer hunting so close to the mess of Thanksgiving. I can vividly remember one year it actually took me 1-1/2 hours to store the leftovers away and clean up after Thanksgiving Dinner. Kinda takes the enjoyment out of it, doesn't it?

    Nobody in the family hunted this year but our good neighbor just brought over six lovely big packages of venison for us. You can't beat that . . . and we really appreciate the good meat.

  4. Can't beat the "good meat" part at all. Busy husband working in the kitchen today, canning the dog food parts. I vacuum sealed end of the soup meat and have been busy doing other things. Thanksgiving and Hovland Arts Festival holiday sale are much too close. :)