Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24, 2014 Another foggy day........

Yesterday was also a very foggy day, including when I was here at the old dock.  It had let up a little at this moment.  But, it alternated dark and not so dark pretty regularly.  It was so damp out, I decided to play with some of the "historical" aspect of where I live.  We used to have a lot of commercial fishing in our community.  There is still some going on.  It's just on a much more limited basis now.  
The old dock is falling into disrepair right along, these days.  It has served the community well since way back in the days the America brought people and goods here.  The deep sea fishing boats used to go in and out from here taking people trout fishing back when Hovland was the Lake Trout Capital.  My dad was, in fact, one of the deep sea captains that did this.  There is a lot of history around that old dock.  One of the fish houses near the dock has some of the old fishing boats on the property by the dock.  It also has a net rack and nets, floats and such.  The day seemed right for a photo of what used to be in our community.  That brings me to this picture.  I was knowing, sort of, what I wanted. However, I wasn't getting it.  I had this in light, post dark....just wasn't doing it.  I finally decided to put it up to a Photography Group I am a part of.  There are a lot of fine people in the group and I respect the opinions of others in it.  So, after one suggested maybe black and white.....I tried that.  It still didn't quite do it.  But, I tried sepia.....and you know what, that worked! 
Here is a photo of what's left of one of the old fish houses in the bay.  It has mostly caved in, but it had a rather neat look about it.  The red osier dogwood and some wild roses added some color on this grey day.  This late in the fall, there isn't much color to be found.  But, on the shore, the mt. ash, wild roses, cherries and dogwood are quite spectacular right now.
Here's another shot from this photographic expedition.  My faithful companion, Toby, is watching what I am up to and ready to do it with me.  He is never very far away.  Here are a few of the beautiful wild roses in the foreground with a ninebark, now in nice golds, behind it.  If it was as foggy here on the shore, this morning, as it was up wouldn't have even seen the dock from this viewpoint! 
Sometimes, it is just kind of interesting to remember all the things that have taken place around something so simple as an old dock.

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  1. The sepia tones for the first picture are PERFECT! I can almost hear the water sloshing up on shore.

    Yes, the stories that dock could tell if it could talk. Let's hope it's there longer than we are!