Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just for fun! July 18, 2013

Some gotta do it......just because.
Well, yesterday morning, when we did have some sun.......for a while.......I was scratching Toby's ears and checking for the ever present ticks.....and noticed that on the wall.  Well, there is absolutely nothing I can think of I can do with this photo.....yet, anyway!   But, I thought the shadow was so striking I had to take it. 
No shadows today.....just rain...and fog.....and more rain......and more fog.  Wow!  For the first time ever, my basement floor is sweating so bad, I went online and ordered a de-humidifier.  If the weather continues like it has been, it will get some serious use when it arrives. 
Today, there have been deer playing outside all lots of twins.  No matter which window I look out of, deer are playing or laying under the big spruce trying to avoid getting soaked by all the rain.  Pretty neat!  And....the fawns can really play now.....or just jump in the air....just because. 
Here's a particularly cute one of Shadow's twins....discovering they are being watched. 
The garden is at the point it is producing food to eat now.  Very limited quantities yet....but, the first tastes of fresh vegies are always the best!
One thing I will say for all our's been a while since everything was so lush and green. 
When we hear about the nasty fires out west.....we can appreciate this aspect of what rain does.

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