Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 13, 2013 A what to do the summer, even!

While I am trying to decide what I should do with today, I will show you what I did yesterday afternoon.  I have been out with my DR Field and Brush mower doing trails's marginally ok for mowing, but still pretty wet in areas.  As I have been walking along behind the mower, I have been seeing all these nice wild strawberries this year.....too nice to leave just growing there!  Oh, I have picked handfuls to eat along the way while mowing; but, yesterday, after mowing yet some more trails, I went home and got a bucket.  This is a Schwans ice cream bucket.  Those berries are so big and juicy with all this rain we are having........yum, wonderful!
Of course, picking strawberries means you are getting right down in the middle of everything......which means......ticks!  I picked about the 4th strawberry and a tick came crawling up my berry picking finger!  Sheesh...that didn't take long.  I had them in a few other places by the time I got home.  Toby had quite a few more.  Luckily his newest appication of Advantix has kicked in.  I didn't get any ticks on me the past few days while mowing in that tall grass.  I still have a few miles to go so I hope that continues.  But, I can't get to some of those places yet because it is too wet. 
Heavily grey and overcast.  I didn't see much on the radar as far as imminent rain.....but, it would be nice if a little sun came out on the area to make all the Art Fairs on the shore more appealing today.  We put so much in to these endeavors, it would be nice if Mother Nature would cooperate too.
It won't be long, now, til we get to start sampling out of our gardens too.  Between building new beds to add to the fenced in area, more fence, more dirt hauled to fill them, etc.....they got started a bit later than usual.  It was so cool and damp early on, some stuff probably wouldn't have germinated anyway.
All my deer friends are being busy out here these days too.  The critters always give us something to smile or chuckle about.  When Toby and I were out for a walk this morning, one of the does and her fawn was playing in the ditch and splashing around.  Ample water for that.  Deer do love to play in the water.  Then, there are the antics between the deer trying to get a bite out of "her" bucket when the chipmunk crawls in and sits in the middle and stuffs its little face.  Deer looked at it sooo hard, ears back, head trying to go in the bucket.....but couldn't quite do that what with that little varmint in there.....and finally paws the bucket a few times with her hoof until chipmunk jumped out!  Yup...cute!
I will leave you with a photo of a fawn playing "chase" games......   :)

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