Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013 Was that winters' last hurrah?!

This was one of the sights that greeted me on the shore of Big Bay, Lake Superior, yesterday.  The last trip on that beach, recently, had all the ice gone and the sand beach bare for Toby to walk on.
There were all sorts of treasures being made and washed ashore with the waves and all the new snow we had.  I was so impressed by the beauty of some of the pieces.  Unfortunately, it was mostly overcast and they didn't show off as well as if we had a sunny day.
Here's a close-up of one of the ice gems in the sand.  The textures and designs in some of these ice pieces is really quite amazing.  You would almost like to take them home and display some of them.
Toby, of course, was enjoying some time in that wonderful Lake Superior water and sand.  He sure likes this spot.  Frisbee time will be coming before you know it.
I stopped on the beach for about 5 minutes and picked a few heart shaped stones....just to see how many I could find in that small space.  One would be surprised! 
Seems a lot of the photos I take lately are more just about daily walks and what I see as the seasons change.  Haven't taken anything in a couple of weeks....probably....that would really be considered a wall hanger.  But, we go out.....we get what we get...people get to see the change of the seasons and what is going on.....they can't all be "wall hangers."  But, we could wish, I guess. 
Later in the afternoon, the snow buntings were busy in the yard.  There were four of them that were pretty busy.  I took a number of photos.  I liked this one best because of the nice, smooth, unmarked piece of snow bank they were sitting on.  Fun to see them in their mating plumage. 
Later yet, the deer were back out getting their afternoon alfalfa and treats.  A few stopped to get drinks in the afternoon snow melt puddles instead of heading all the way over to the water hole.  Here is a close up of one of the bucks, showing his newly growing velvet antlers.  He will be long gone before they get big enough to look impressive.  He already tried to leave once....when we thought spring was coming.  Week or so later, when all the snow came, he was back.  He still likes to go to the basement door when he wants some favorite treats.  I oblige him.  Love seeing him around. 
This morning, after a breakfast of alfalfa and corn, some of the bucks were out in the field walking around on top of the hard snow.  With all that snow and  20 degrees this morning, as long as they walked.....out in the open, they could stay on top.  They looked mighty tall and impressive "up there" on top of the snow.  That doesn't happen all that often that the deer can do that.  Plus, usually they have to start playing their games and running and then they cut through.  Not fun.
Anyway, it's been an interesting few "wintery" days.  Hopefully, now.....we will be back on to more spring like weather.  I actually saw a few pussy willows trying to pop on my morning walk.  We will see what the day brings. 

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  1. The photo of the heart-shaped rocks made me think of a jewelry store window display!