Friday, April 19, 2013

April 19, 2013 April Blizzard!

This is what my yard looks like today.  It was 20 degrees when I got up.  So, the cooling temperatures from the 29-30 degrees we had all day yesterday made for a lighter, fluffier snow on the upper layers.  It also makes for more drifting.  And......that's exactly what it is doing.  The three deer in the foreground are standing in my driveway right in front of the deck.  I shoveled out in front of the door this morning on the way to go feed the deer.  I didn't shovel any more than that as it wouldn't have done any good, what so ever!  It is drifting that fast.  Deer were coming in from the east and they were belly deep in snow.  Out where I put the alfalfa each day, it is really hard packed and I packed it some more and so did the deer before I took this.  I was anywhere from knee deep to thigh deep in snow all the way to the garage.  There's a lot of snow out there!  A LOT!
It isn't letting up, either!  So.....I don't expect to get out of the house and do anything until late this afternoon, if this keeps up.  Toby won't be complaining either.  Our walk, this morning, was short.  It was, however, hard work.  Do you know how hard it is, when you are a dog.....and have to go out and do your business.....when the snow is deeper than your body!?  Toby wasn't too happy. 
We had originally planned on going to Duluth and Superior for more deer feed today.  The weather this week hasn't been too conducive to wanting to travel.  We thought we  had enough to last to spring.  However, lately, a lot more deer have showed up and they are needing the, we have been a bit hard on what we had, including the alfalfa.  I think we still have enough of that to get through the month.  However, the corn will run out by Monday morning.  So......not to mention the "wild" deer.....we have some "pets" that expect to get their treats.   We can't be running out of food when we have this kind of weather out there.
The one Myrtle warbler and one Tree Sparrow were busy with the juncos in the suet this morning.  I think the warbler is even finding it hard to find cluster flies this morning.  I don't believe I ever saw the warblers in the suet before.....that I can remember.  Cape May Warblers at the hummingbird feeders tho....other years.  A bit too early for that.  I don't generally put my hummingbird feeders out until Mother's day. 
So......I guess everyone can sit inside and watch the snow.  Many have a day off or a half day off.  I did see that the county court house was closed until noon.  I think a lot of services are closed today as people just can't get around.  We can be thankful, whether we like it or not, that it is extra moisture for the ground so we don't have extreme fire danger this spring.  I saw in Chicago where it is flooding something awful.  I am very happy that isn't us.  I believe there is always a positive out there.....if we want to find it.  Some can just be difficult.  It's easier to say.....$#*&%! .....which I did on my Facebook page about today's weather.  At the time, just having come in from wading around in all that....which I forgot to mention......when I went back out to sweep off my dish so I could use the internet....the snow on the south side of the house was up to my crotch.  You got knee high boots I slipped on to run out there and do that filled up.  Yes....about that time, my attitude about the fresh snow wasn't real positive.  But, I'm trying. 
I will leave you with a peaceful photo from yesterday...that I took in the afternoon during a break from the snow.  These two deer were laying under that tree on a bed of old alfalfa for over 6 hours.  In the early morning one, it's snowing seriously.  This had quit for a while.  There were deer laying under all the spruces around here yesterday. 

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  1. That's a lot of snow! And no fun to get it down in your boots :)