Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mid-February what to dos! February 17, 2013

It has been a week of -10, up to 10, down to -20, already up to 20 this morning....what to figure on doing when one gets out of bed and how to dress for it.  It has been all over the charts.  We even had 30 degrees mid-week and got a bit of glazing on the ski trails.....on the second day of packing them after all the snow.  Yesterday, as you can see, Toby and I were out exploring some shoreline with nice ice for a new place for a sun rise photo.  I was up at 6:30 and did a walk around and could see it was much too cloudy for that too happen.  In fact, a few snow flurries were coming down.  I did all the early morning chores, fed critters, walked Toby.....back in and made breakfast......and still haven't decided whether there is going to be enough sunshine to make it worth the effort.  It is pretty cloudy out there, but at least there are a few blue holes.
And then.....yesterday.......I was so perturbed!  I was out there taking some of these nice ice and Lake Superior home to look at them on the computer.......I had been taking all the photos with a chunk of sawdust on the lens.  The upper left hand area, which didn't necessarily mean it would stay in the sky....which it didn't, left a big grey blotch in almost all the photos that couldn't be fixed.  Thus, they are almost square, cutting off some good scenery....but, still have the best part of the photo.  Sometimes, one is just so busy concentrating on the subject matter, they don't see the whole picture..........
Here is another view of the one pretty spot I was at.  The reflections were lovely and the sky so blue.
And a photo of Toby and his best friend, Kirby, out for a walk on Friday.  When my sister-in-law has things going on for the whole day, I go over to her place and take both dogs for a walk on "Kirby's" trails.  The dogs get along so well together and have such a wonderful time.  Plus, it gives Toby a bit of an adventure with someone besides me on a different set of trails.  He likes his adventures.  That is one thing I have always noticed about my dogs.  No matter how much they love their own, known spaces.....they love to have an adventure some place different once in a while.  It is just so exciting to get to go somewhere.  Below is another photo from Friday's walk with Kirby.  Here, we have Lake Superior in the background and are just starting down the hill.  The one on the right is where we have made the big loop and are just about back at the top of the hill again.  By then, Toby had been working hard enough to just lay down and watch me when I would get the camera out.  He hasn't got as long legs as Kirby and this one section of trail wasn't packed too well yet.  So, we were getting our exercise....which is what it's about.
Also this week, we had an anniversary potluck for my parents, who on February 14th, have been married 61 years.  All of us kids were there and a few of their grandkids too.  The grandkids are getting a bit more spread out these days so that is a bit harder to get everyone rounded up for a big event.  At any rate, we all had a nice evening visiting and eating good food.  One of my nephews made a nice comment about maybe some of the rest of us would be lucky enough to do that some day.  (Be married and happy 61 years and counting!)  In this day and age, it is just nice to even hear a  young person thinking that way.  There are still some good old fashioned family values out there.....they are just fewer and farther between, I think. 
So....back to chores......and wondering what the day will bring.    Cheers!


  1. GOR-geous second picture with the reflections in the lake.

    I've often wondered if dogs smell different (and therefore more interesting!) odors on new trails or if they are kinda like us humans and are simply eager to see what's around that next curve in the trail.

  2. Interesting question. When they are on the trails they know, they are always checking who has last been here. When they are on unknown trails, they seem more eager. I think they want to smell what went on before we go mess up the good, new smells..... :)