Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19, 2013 NASTY! out there.....

This is a sight you won't see out the window today.  This is Shadow and her little girl fawn.  They had been grooming each other and Shadow was washing her fawns ear.
This morning, however....the deer want to come out and have some breakfast.  A few have.....a quick one.....but; it's just so dang nasty out there.  The snow is minimal, it's only -2 below 0...but, it's blowing a friggin gale out there.  Mosty, it is a white out outside the window.  The 2-3" of snow we got is blowing all over the place.  It is snowing just enough to see.....when the wind lets up for a second.  The little cups on the weather vane are just a blur they are going so fast.  The deer don't like it one bit.  And....they do tend to be creatures of habit. 
This morning, I was stalling going out the door.  There weren't that many deer and I just was not at all enthusiastic about going out.  My husband said...."well, the screen blew out of the upstairs window.  You probably should go pick it up before a deer steps on it."  Didn't hear anything about him going out!  Well....I figured that was true.  Wouldn't keep too many bugs out if a deer stepped through it.  So, out I went with the sunflower seeds to fill bird feeders and pick up that screen.  About the time I got to the screen, Skinny Butt....creature of habit that he is....had finally come out too.  He saw me picking up that screen and skeedaddled right back into the woods.  Usually, by the time I get out of bed, he is standing at his spot by the basement door, spot cleared of snow, waiting for me to put his treats there.  Well, I had to go over there to put the screen in anyway so put some cracked corn in his favorite spot.  Then, I went about getting alfalfa out for the deer that were gathering.  I didn't hardly dare to break the stuff apart today for fear all the good stuff would blow away.  Most of it is still out there as the deer eat a few minutes and tear back into the woods.  As I said....it's nasty.
Shadow and her family were out under her favorite tree for a while getting something to eat.  A few others were too.  Skinny Butt did come to his favorite spot and get some of his favorite stuff.  However, no one finished anything this morning.  That says it all, right there.
Next, Toby and I head out for our walk.  He was prancing along, just as perky as he could be.  It seems Toby is the only one, this morning, that doesn't mind the nasty wind.  We headed  down the county road so he could do his morning business and check out what was going on.  By the time we were coming home, he was all of a sudden dawdling behind me so I turned to see what he was up to.  There was the county grader, right there!  What the heck......I darned near dropped my teeth.  I don't think I have ever not heard it for at least half a mile before I saw it.  I had no clue.  I grabbed Toby and we stepped to the side of the road as he went by.  Now, I really knew how nasty that wind was.
It is supposed to blow all day, too......I guess.  If this keeps up, the adventuring dog won't be having any today!  That's my story.....and....I'm stickin' to it!


  1. That wind is nasty! Doing barn chores this morning took my breath away. The wind chill advisory goes off at noon. I hope they know what they're talking about. :)

  2. Our wind quit about an hour ago, around 11 a.m. I can hardly wait for bedtime tonight so I can get a good night's sleep. Sure didn't happen last night. Even the poor birds didn't start coming to the feeders this morning at their usual time. I think they waited until they were so cold and hungry they HAD to venture out of their little hideaways to get some fuel to make body heat. I saw a chickadee standing on the flat feeder (there were only a few seeds trapped up against one lip of it) and the wind blew him standing on his feet all the way across the platform before he gave up and took off.

  3. It is now 4 p.m. and the wind sure hasn't quit here. Sheesh! It maybe has let up a tad....but, hardly noticeable. Deer still don't like it. There are maybe a dozen. They have been sneaking in and out all day. I tried to fill the two heaviest bird feeders this morning but those seeds are all over the ground below the deck. I didn't think they could blow out of that one. Wrong! Toby and I had an afternoon walk on the road again as trails were too drifted and no point opening them yet! I took a couple lake photos at mail time....saw a coyote running on Highway 61! Not a very eventful day..... Sun has come out anyway and up to 2 degrees.