Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012 Winter Solstice

Yay!  It's Winter Solstice!  Picture above is "Solstice Flowers".....because I can find them out in the snow yet!  I took the photo yesterday with my pocket camera while out for a walk with Toby.  It is a bright, sunny day outside and looks cheerful.  However, there is a strong wind and it feels cold with a low temperature today besides.  I think I may have just enough snow to ski; but, given the nasty wind, I think I will stay in the woods and just walk with Toby when I finish this.  He has gotten quite used to his booties now and the "no ice balls in his toes" thing is going on when he wears, he is quite the sight, prancing down the trail.  If I stop to take photos, he just lays down to watch.
I think this picture of Toby laying in the snow, in a snowstorm, is kind of neat.  The white is so white!  You can't see the edges of the photos.  Because of the weather and wind, I just put my pocket camera in my jacket yesterday and off we went.  Didn't have to worry about getting things so wet.  However, I am not always pleased with how it does on outdoor photos.  It is a different brand, Olympus, than my big cameras.  It does have the pixels and telephoto.  However, it is one more menu and directions to learn and remember....and I have never taken the time to learn it.  It does well on the automatic settings for inside people, that is what I use it more for.  But, it was supposed to be the camera I always put in my pocket for what ever I might see and have it!  Maybe I should make a new years' resolution.......
This is the photo of the bird's nest in the red osier dogwood I was taking when Toby laid down to watch me.  I was trying to take the photo from the trail of the side view.....but, it just wasn't looking like much. looked so neat, this little nest in the brush.  So, I bent over to try and take one from above.......and look what I see!  It looked like a little face looking up at me and just made me smile to look at it.  And, if you know me, you will know I didn't touch anything or manipulate it.  It is exactly what I saw.  I thought that was so darned cool.  It still makes me smile to look at the photo of it.  Again.....all with my little bitty pocket camera.......
Well, happy solstice everyone!  Enjoy the sunshine, if you are lucky enough to have it.  As for me, I am off for that walk.  And......I look forward to the longer days that are coming!

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