Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 19, 2012 More grey!

This photo was taken yesterday ...on my way back from my dentist appointment.  It was sooo grey and trying, not very hard, to snow.  Snow is coming down in spurts today too.  I am so glad when we get past the first day of winter and  in to January when we start to get a bit more sunshine.  But, that doesn't guarantee the sun either.....just makes it a bit more likely. 
I finally got out a project that has been on hold for a while....while I pondered what and how to do it.  I have a  whole bunch of 15" squares made for a quilt, ready to put together, that my grandmother made many years ago.  Fabric is 50s era ..... some is kind of strange stuff.  It is for a crazy quilt....which is why I have pondered a while.  I am not exactly sure of how to go about that style.  I finally laid the whole thing out and got it arranged, properly I hope, on the upstairs bedroom floor.  It looks pretty wild, if I do say so.  My mother got the packet after  my grandmother died.  She has done some nice quilts over the years......however, she just couldn't work up enthusiasm for this style.  So, since I was trying my hand at it, I got it.  My plan is to start sewing it together next week.  My husband wanted to know what I was going to do with it when I did get it done.  I don't think he wanted to see that bright crazy thing on "his" bed!  We will see how it turns out. 
But does brighten the "greys" we are having!  :)
Well......back to work.....and the greys of the day........


  1. Can't wait to see how the quilt comes out. As for what to do with it, I have a rather large bed these days :)

  2. :) I guess it will be what it will be...hard to second guess what someone else had in mind way back when...