Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 6, 2017 Summer is here!

The Hovland Arts Festival is done for another year.   That is always a nice feeling ~ no matter how much you love it!  It's a lot of work.  Still a few bills to pay ~ but, mostly ~ the loose ends are tied up.
Now, we have had a couple of days of sunshine mixed with the rain ~ so, it's hot and humid out there.  Boy, having grown up on Lake Superior ~ when it's 85 degrees and humid ~ it's HOT!!
Tuesday, I took my sister and a friend to the bog.   We all love the cool flowers that grow in them.  They had never been there ~ while, I go on a regular basis.  We had a fine time and the flowers did look amazing.  There are more pitcher plant blossoms every year.  It really is something to see.
Here is on of the "big picture" views of the bog.   Looking west, rather than north, you saw more of those pitcher blossoms sticking up.   There is some cotton grass here, as well, to add interest.
Here's a grouping of sundews.  I was rather proud of this.  I have tried, for years, to get a good shot of those tiny little plants.   With hairs glistening and pads facing all directions, on a close-up, it's hard to get it all in focus.  But, I did it!   These little carnivorous plants can eat all the bugs they want.  Plus, all the pitchers out there.........maybe that's why I am never bothered by insects out there!  :)
Of course, here's another of my favorites ~ the dragon's mouth orchid.   There are a lot of these growing in this bog now.   I have never come upon these anyplace else in Cook County.  I'm sure there are some ~ some place.  But, I don't know about them.   They are so colorful and cheerful.   They are just a joy to see.  Plus, I did find a few tight groupings that had all of the favored items in one little area and got them all in one photo.  
A lot of people tend to think of bogs as just wet sloppy places that are a pain!  However, when it's warm out ~ I don't mind getting wet to go out and find all these treasures!   There was also buckbean, cranberries, potentilla (just starting) and iris out there.   I also was able to show them the only wild lilac I have ever found in the county.   It was well budded and ready to start opening ~ but, hadn't opened any of the blossoms yet.  
Pitcher plants, on the other hand, I have found around a number of the shallow, swampier lakes in the county.  This spot has no lake ~ it's just near Lake Superior.  But, there is always water standing at least ankle deep.   Lot of moss.  Beautiful!
So ~ next time you get bored and don't have anything special to do ~ go find a nice bog and go for a walk!


  1. That first shot is breath-taking, Sandy! The colors in nature . . . AMAZING.

  2. Thanks. Nothing like the bogs to find the beauty of nature and colors! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures. We have a bog walk up in Orr, but I never seem to time it right. I miss those beautiful blooms.

    1. Isn't the "Big Bog" park over there somewhere near? I have heard there is a state park now but haven't looked at exactly where it is. Thought it sounded interesting.

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