Friday, February 19, 2016

February 19, 2016 Bah ~ Humbug!

I have just been having fun on what little ice we have on the shore the last few days ~ and, now it's raining!  I have no problem with rain ~ when it's in season.  But, when we have serious rain in the winter, I get perturbed.  No school today.  I suspect they were worried about everything icing up.   The road is icy in the tracks where vehicles have driven today, for sure.  The neighbor kids were out playing in the rain when Betsy and I were out for a walk.   But ~ dang it, it's melting and ruining the good ice and snow!  I guess it's called global warming............
What little ice we do have along the shore this winter has been quite striking.  These ice formations hanging from the trees on the way to the island were just gorgeous.  I didn't get there until afternoon ~ but, I bet they would have been really striking had I been there in the morning with a bit of sunshine on them.
The deer, on the other hand, have been busy running around and jumping just like Spring!  I think maybe they have "spring fever" today.  It's warm.   But, the snow isn't melting yet and there are no puddles to jump in.   One of those two bucks, above, finally lost his left antler this week but is hanging tight to the other.  Tough to lose the antlers and status!  This is true even if you are the biggest buck in the yard.  Antlers trump all!   Even a little spike buck can be the boss if he is the last one standing with antlers.   I've seen it and it's hilarious.   You keep thinking ~ boy, one of these days he's going to shed too and really get his butt kicked.  But ~ it's also amazing how fast things settle down when they are all "equal" again.
Anyway ~ it's being quite a week.  The deer are laying under the trees out of the rain for now.   Until mealtime ~ anyway.  I'm sure the yard will be full in  the usual 2 minutes flat ~ then!
Have a good rainy winter day ~ all!

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  1. I so agree with you. These un-winter temperatures with rain . . . Bah! We think we have a bobcat that has been hanging around our place for a couple of weeks. Saw very definite tracks all over the place first thing this morning in the wet snow. There was no hiding where he had been.