Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weather Changes ~ January 20, 2016

Yesterday was one of those beautiful sunny days we dream about this time of the year.  If you sat by the window, you could feel the heat from the sunshine streaming through.  Nice.  After so much gray ~ I was ready for that.  Betsy and I headed down the shore to this area to take some photos, explore, and just enjoy the lake on a sunny day.  Jeez ~ it felt so nice.  The wind wasn't howling either ~ even better.
We headed west first of all.  We hiked the ice and snow covered shore until we got to where the houses start.  Then, we headed the other direction until we did the same.   It was so pretty it would have been fun to just sit on the beach and enjoy it.  Betsy wouldn't have minded.  She is always up for something.  These days, if she has an ice ball or a stick ~ she's a happy girl.
It is always just fun to walk the shore after all the rough weather we have had ~ just to see what kind of ice sculptures Mother Nature or Lake Superior has made.  They can be some pretty awesome things some times.
Once we got down the shore the other direction, I took some photos of the old fish houses there.  They had a bit of ice covering them also, besides the nice ice on the shore getting there.  My new grippers on my hiking boots worked out nicely.  I walked that slick, shiny ice the whole way down without any issues.  I was still careful, since I don't appreciate taking a tumble and possibly ending up in Lake Superior.  I prefer to pick and choose my own time and place to take a swim ~ thank you.  I don't like breaking cameras either ~ because of nasty tumbles.  So far, so good!
Now, when I got up this morning, it was right at 0 degrees.  It was clear and pretty. I could see the sea smoke and clouds down over Lake Superior.    So, I was already thinking about what Betsy and I would do on our adventure today.  Usually, I would have some time at my mother's while playing Scrabble to decide that too.  The table is at the window overlooking Lake Superior so while playing, I can watch all the weather is doing and critters ~ if there are any.   I managed to come down with a really nasty cold late last week, cough and stuffed head, runny nose ~ the works!  ARGH!   I am not enjoying it particularly.  I haven't had one in a couple of years so it makes it all the more irritating to put up with.  So ~ I am not playing my weekly Scrabble game with Mom.  I didn't figure she would appreciate getting my cold either.   In the mean time, it has completely clouded over and is snowing out!  It's just flat gray blah out there with snowflakes!   I guess unless it changes quickly again, Betsy and I won't do anything too terribly exciting today.  But, some days are like that.

Here is one of Betsy out being photographer's helper yesterday.  She really can be quite a ham ~ when she wants to be.  She pays attention to her surroundings ~ most of the time and acts accordingly.  Of course, it probably helps that she has to do that from the minutes she goes outside with me every morning.  We head out the door and there are anywhere from two to ten deer standing right by the basement door.   She has to check her options on which way to walk through them ~ since, they aren't going anywhere.  They are ready for their treats.
A couple of days ago, while putting out the morning treats after her early walk ~ which comes first ~ I got head butted by one of the year and a half old twins of Miz Spectacles.   When I walk around with the 5 gallon bucket of corn, they are backing up in front of me all the way around.  As soon as I stop to put a bit more out, the want first dibs ~ out of the bucket ~ not off the ground.  One  of the older bully does, Plain Jane, who hasn't had fawns in a while now ~ was being her usually crabby self and trying to kick eveyone's butt.  One of the twins jumped back and sort of upward so fast we knocked foreheads together.  I think I felt it more than she did!  Since my face is usually only an inch or so from theirs, I can see that happening.   However, it never has.  I am always more concerned with watching their feet as they have some pretty fancy footwork when they are defending their stuff!  So it goes........a new adventure or experience every day.  When you have critters around, there is always something happening.'s still gray and still snowing........time to figure it out!


  1. The lake really does make beautiful art sculptures. Great photos, Betsy is beautiful. We have three dogs and they love being outside these days while the sun makes its debut for 2016! Though if we let her, one of our huskies would jump into the lake...loves the water!

  2. What a cute picture of Betsy. She really has a "dog's life", doesn't she?

  3. Betsy is pretty photogenic. On many days, the eyes are a problem as they are so dark on her light colored body. But, she does have quite the life alright! This was one of the first days, once we hit a beach section without ice, she didn't fly right into the water for a drink. She usually can't wait. Toby had to get in no matter what ~ if the lake was accessible. :) Some times ice prevented it.