Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 Well...........I thought Spring was coming.........

Here is a nice photo I took on Friday, the 15th of May, the day before Toby's 12th birthday.  I really liked how it turned out.......even tho it was such a foggy day.  He still loves his adventures.......even if he can't do such strenuous ones any more.
The day of his birthday, I headed to one of his favorite spots, shown above, to get some nice reflection shots of the cliffs in the pools in the rocks before they evaporated.  It was morning, the sun would be on the side of the cliffs......perfect.  Except, it wasn't.  You see how foggy it is.  It was even thicker when I got there.  It had lifted a bit when I took this one.  However, even with all this fog, all the water in those pools on the rocks had nearly evaporated already.  I might add......we had a clear blue sky with no clouds up here when I left.  I waited quite a while in case the fog would lift.  It did lift even a bit more after this one, but never went away.  When I did get home, it was still a beautiful day and shirt sleeve weather up here.  Some days, being just over the hill makes all the difference.
This was a photo taken in that spot two days before the foggy one.  It had been raining and more rain was imminent.  It was a really gray, stormy looking day.  But, the lake was still and I could get up on some of these spots and found what cool reflections I could get in these puddles.  This is why I wanted to get there on a sunny morning while there were still puddles.  We now have puddles again after 2 1/2" of rain in 24 hours. sun.  It is still spitting rain, today.......and snow or snow mix is in the forecast. 
Bah.........humbug!  I am ready for spring to be here to stay. 
I did, on Saturday afternoon, while we had blue sky, shirt sleeve weather.......finally start moving some of the chives out of the starter beds and near the house making it easier to use them when I want them.  I still have more to do........but, it ain't happening today!
Ok, enough grumbling about the weather.........I suppose!  But, it has shades of looking like last spring when the ground was so wet and saturated, I couldn't do anything or get equipment anywhere to get anything done.  Looking very much like a repeat right now...........
I will leave you with a fun photo of my pup, Betsy, who will be one year old on May 31.  With her is her best bud, Kirby.  He's a few years older than her but much younger than Toby.  Toby can't manage this hike any more.  They had so much fun playing beneath this falls.  It's been a favorite of mine for many years and since most people don't know about it........we never have any competition.  :)

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