Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014 Getting Cabin Fever!!!

Yours truly is going stir crazy..... or something.  I am an outside type of person.  Lately, it is either snowing or raining or something half way in between.  I am seriously needing some serious outside time doing something constructive...even if it is only chainsawing all the spruce tops up and stuffing them in the chipper from that last snowstorm.  I would even prefer more of these type of pictures.... like this of Toby walking through the  big puddle.  Just out of sight, it is knee deep snow again.  It's been a LONG winter and I am so ready for it to be done with.  I love winter when I can do winter things.  But, knee deep slush is a different matter.  My yard is either muck or deep slush snow too.......
Yup!  I am ready for serious spring weather.  And........  I want it NOW!
Oh yes......there is always the spring cleaning to be done too.  However, when every time someone goes out the door and in comes how much more mud... am I inspired.........NO!
Here I go....about my day...... trying to get my "POSITIVE" attitude back.  :)


  1. I'm not a fan of spring anyway, so you know how this one is affecting me! And I'm with you on the futility of trying to keep a house clean with so much muck and wet glop outside. Kinda makes you yearn for the (few!) really hot, dry days of summer we get, doesn't it? Hang in there, kiddo, we'll make it.

  2. Oh yeah......we always do. I have never been a fan of "mud season" either. However, this year it just seems to go on and on........