Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013 Hmmmmm.......

Yesterday was the big family get together at Tom Lake.  It was Father's Day and my dad's 82nd birthday.  Two of my brother's boys have birthdays this week a few, it was kind of a big party day.  Mostly, tho....since it was actually the was about my dad.  We all made it there and we all had a good time.  With the weather we have been having this year, and as you can see by looking above, the weather wasn't being real predictable.  We have had warm days...yes.  But, then we turn around and have cold days.  It was 45 degrees for quite a while this morning again.  So...maybe it's my age.....I don't know......but, I didn't feel inclined to bring my paddleboard along to the lake yesterday.  I was pretty sure the water would still be cold.  It was.  And.....first day out for the year on the paddleboard.....with my almost 100 pound dog on......with wind.......are you getting a picture here.......I didn't particularly want to take a dunk in the lake.  When the sun came out, it would be 75 degrees.  But, when too many clouds came over, it cooled in a hurry.  Actually, it was comfortable when it cooled.  But, the breezes kept the bugs from eating us alive.
My niece, on the other hand, took her dog out on her mom's paddleboard.  That board is a fair amount bigger than mine and more stable.  Dog is also half the size.  She's a small female lab that isn't overweight. saw a lot less of the swim suits yesterday....compared to normal for this time of year.  But, next trip up, I will definitely have my board.  Toby loves to ride it.
Yesterday.....I guess we were all living right, or something.  My one brother took his motorcycle across from where he lives by way of the back roads.  My sister and her husband came up on their new side by side ATV.  We were all thinking about rain.  However, during the whole part of the day when the activities were happening, the rain storms, thunder and lightening, all split and went around us.  Given the way it looked a number of times, that was pretty amazing.  I left right after 4 p.m. thinking I would beat it out of there before it hit.  Last year I drove out of there in one of those storms when it poured so hard you could barely see to drive. I did drive over to the official boat access to take the photograph on the top of this, just because of the view....looking down the whole lake.  But, I did actually get back out to the main road before the down pour began.  Then, it really came down.
I did hear that they didn't quite get the jetski loaded in time to beat the rain.  But.....all else was good!
One more view down the lake just after 4 o'clock in the afternoon. 
Fog rolling into the valley after the storm went over.  It didn't take long to not be able to see anything.
Here's a fun photo to leave you with.  This is Zoe's fawn, out exploring the world.....driving her mama crazy....not that she can run around and explore.  The little squirt can move these days.  :)
Now, back to working on my Hovland Arts Festival details before that happens July 6 & 7.


  1. Isn't this weather just driving you crazy? I finally planted my beans and corn . . . just before this latest frigid period descended upon us. I know the month of June always used to be cold and rainy. I guess we've just gotten spoiled the last 20 or so years.

    Your pictures of the scenery are gorgeous.

  2. Yes...this weather has been driving me crazy. I can't get used to the temperature swings either when it acts like this. Too hot or too cold or too buggy....or something. Every two days it changes. Now, this week, it really got hot. Hard to be inspired to "work" out there when you go from 50s to 80s with humidity. I never liked hot anyway!