Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10, 2013 Seasonal Changes

This is....."Grumpy Robin!" looks grumpy, doesn't it?  Given the changing "spring" weather we have been's enough to make anyone grumpy.  There is mud, snow, rain, mess....more mess....everywhere you look....mess and mud.  Yes.....hadn't been really inspiring out there.
However, this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....we had marvelous spring weather.  The sun came out and the temperatures soared in to the 60s and then on Wednesday up to 73 degrees.  My word, I was sweating! 
I tried to do some yard work and raking.  But.....again, so much mud yet!'s hard to rake or pick up stuff in mud or snow....both of which I still have a good plenty of.  It gave me a good excuse to spend some time sitting outside by my critter friends as they came for treats and went about their business of looking for spring also. 
In fact, Fancy's Girl and Shadow's soon to be 2 year old daughter both did all but give me kisses this week.  On separate days, they came up to me....nose just almost touching mine....looked at me....Fancy's Girl actually did put her nose to my cap brim after almost giving me a deer kiss....then, sniffed my hand, and went back about their business.  They are too cute.  But, I wasn't expecting that ....especially out of Fancy's Girl.....who tends to be rather shy.  The more time I spend outdoors with my wild friends, the more I appreciate them.  I talk to them on a regular basis and several of them will acknowledge me when I do.  Even this cute little buck fawn that has decided I am his friend.....if I talk to him...he pays attention and comes right on over.  They are not dumb animals!
Then, of course, there are the antics of the chipmunks when they try to crawl in the feed bucket by my feet with a deer nose in it....or 3!  Shadow and the twins sometimes all have their faces in there at the same time!  The chipmunk is is the deer. 
This week, some mallards have learned that "corn" shows up at different times in the yard also.  One drake, in particular, will get right in there and get his!  Usually tho, there is a pair that will follow behind the deer and pick crumbs.....if there are any.
I have started hiking some of the game trails closer to the shore.....less snow.....looking for sheds this week too.  It has been rather slow going as there is getting to be so much brush and wind falls on these old trails.  There still is a lot of standing water and snow banks too.  It could be a short shed hunting season this year.  If it ever warms up and stays that way, it could green up fast ....given how late it will be.  I found this small beaver skull in a deer trail the other day.  That wasn't what I would have been expecting there.  But, they are interesting so I  picked it up and hauled it home.  :)
Today the sun is out and the wind is blowing.  However, it is only barely over  40 degrees.  That doesn't melt much.
The fishing opener is this weekend.  A friend posted a photo from Clearwater Lake, I believe it was, a  couple of days ago.  There was  still 21 or 24 inches of ice on that lake.  I forget which he said.  But, there is a lot of that.  I don't expect anything to be open for opener.  That can be a serious loss of revenue to a place like Cook County....that is so highly tourism oriented. 
Well.....sun is shining, things to do.....gotta make hay while the sun shines!


  1. I know how that robin feels! That one has to go on one of your cards for sure :)

  2. Perfect picture of the grumpy robin! Yes, spring really has been slow in coming this year, hasn't it? I was almost shocked last night when I realized it was fishing opener this weekend. Just doesn't feel like it could be here when none of the lakes are open.