Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013 Snow, snow....go away-come again some other........

This, is Shadow's almost one-year old daughter, one of the twins.  She is staring at me in the basement  window....about 6" from my face.  They watch what I am doing in my basement office on a regular basis.  They also look hard at me when they want some treats! you can see, it's snowing!  It is snowing a lot harder since I took this and the snowfall has doubled.  It was 2-3" when I took this and was out for my morning hike with Toby.  It is seriously snowing now....and still blowing.  My......I don't think the deer are appreciating the "non-spring" we are having either.  More of the deer that had left, are back.  We have enough alfalfa to last the month.  But, the corn is just about gone...will go in to next week....then what!?
Here is a photo of both of Shadow's twins by the window.  She is in the background.  What to do......
kind of day for them too.
I, on the other hand, have one plan for around noon or one.....taking Kirby, my second favorite dog, for his daily walk. When "mom" can't do it, I do the honors.  Both Kirby and Toby love their outings together.  So, it is good for all of us.  Usually, I take the camera along.  However, if it keeps snowing like isn't going out the door today. that snow coming down!
I would have liked to take the camera and gone to one of the beach spots for a wave photo, or two.  They were coming all the way, into even the sort of sheltered bays, yesterday.  Well ......   the wind hasn't let up.  I am quite sure the waves will be big enough to be noticeable again today.
 Here is a shot of the waves in the stormy grey weather we had yesterday.  I stopped on my way back from dog walking and took a couple of shots just before heading back up the hill...home.  They had pretty well taken care of all the ice and snow that had still been on this shore the day before.  All you see now are the odds and ends of ice chunks.  From up the hill, you could see breakers and white caps as far as you could see.
One other thing that was so striking was the beach gravel and rocks itself.  Usually, you are walking on dry beach.  Today, the waves were splashing way up so you could walk on wet rocks and the colors sure stand out a lot more.  It sure made for a pretty beach to walk on. 
I am sure the snow coming down over Lake Superior and the big waves would be interesting today.  However, we will wait and see.  I just am not inclined to watn my camera out in this stuff.
I have also heard that the next week is supposed to give us more snow.  At the rate we are currently going, it will be one of those years that spring fishing opener will find us with ice on the lakes and no way to get a boat on them.  It won't be the first time....but, it will be the first time in a while.
In the mean time.....think spring!  :)


  1. Do you ever wonder what is going through those little deer minds while they're standing at the window looking in on you? I guess we'll never know the answer to that.

    The beach gravel shot is gorgeous. Looks as if it could be made into a poster.

  2. I have, many times, wondered what they are thinking as they watch me. I have even watched them watch me making photo prints. You can see them watching what I am doing or what's going on. Those fawns are too cute tho!
    Yes, I rather liked the beach rocks myself. A wonder what water does for a rock photo. :)