Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 30, 2012 I've had it! Enough is enough...

Enough really is enough.....already.  I was so determined to hold out for the broadband that is supposed to be arriving in 2013.  They will dig the line in for free, if you signed up early.....which I did.  However, my dial up has been getting worse and worse since August.  I rarely get more than 0 kb/s.  Yes, you read that right.  0 is usually my speed with a burst of 2 or 3 kb/s on a good day.  Yesterday, a friend sent me a pretty big file email.  It took an hour.  Then, stepdaughter sent me a lovely photo that took 2 hours.  I really liked it.  Then....the next thing, and I still don't know what that is, is still in the server.  I tried to look in web mail, but that was down because I had looked earlier and the speed was so slow it just wasn't loading.  I went off to get mail and left it running and it finally loaded.  That was before the above mentioned.  So, I started it over, since the computer, when on dial up, gets 2 hours and 1 minute before it disconnects on its own.  I did that twice.  I did a yoga routine, made supper, ate it, amongst how many other things, while trying to load that email.  So, I can't get my email and no one fixes web mail on weekends.  I can't even load the home page on Facebook this morning.  I honestly think a lot of days, my speed is negative 0 kb/s; but, that doesn't register.  OK, enough grumping.......right.  I did look up the telephone number for HughesNet yesterday on the computer.  I have it written down and was going to call tomorrow.  But, I think they answer on Sundays too.  I just was thinking people working on days other than Sundays and holidays might be in better moods.
If I get HughesNet soon, that means I have to start changing all my business contacts and info in the computer and all that stuff.  I don't look forward to that.....because, I am not a computer genius.  I get by.  But,  also can get very frustrated trying to find or fix things I don't really understand.
OK, slow speed, although the blog actually loaded for me to write something today, adding a photo is really being a pill.  But, it is happening.  I took this photo, on the shore of Lake Superior, on my way home from doing errands on Friday.  There was enough wave action to upend this piece of ice and make it look so cool, from the time I got on the beach, walked down it with Toby, and I got back to where I started from.


  1. After writing this today, and getting more and more frustrated with the dial up issues, I ordered Hughes Net. A new years present to myself?! :)

  2. Yeah for you! You'll never regret it, I promise :)

    And are those rocks caught up in the ice? That is really neat!

  3. Yes, those are small beach stones. That was just sheet ice on the shore when I started down the beach. The wave action had undercut it and stood it right up by the time I came back. I thought it was so cool. I wished I could've gotten the sun directly behind it but couldn't quite do it.
    Foxy Lady