Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2, 2012 Sundays.....just another day!

Watch out.......tis the season!  We're seeing if you are being naughty or nice......
It is Sunday!  When I was working full time, weekends were the days you hustled and bustled and got everything done to get you through another week.  Some of those things....I still do on Sundays.....just because I haven't yet gotten out of the habit.  But, when you aren't working a 40 hour week for pay besides everything else you do, the days all kind of blur together and sometimes, I actually have to stop and think about what day it actually is.  Not a bad problem to have.......right!
I took the time, on my slow pokey dial up, to read some of my favorite blogs this morning.....starting out with the friend's blog who started me on mine.  I finished reading that and all I could think was OMG!  I tried to post that on her comment page, but as usual, for some reason, it won't let me post comments any more.  I haven't had any serious issues to complain about lately.......however, if I had thought I had, I would have decided they were pretty trivial after reading that particular piece.  Have I ever told you......"Life is Good!"  Well, I mean it.  :)
One of my chores today will be getting the big fountain apart and empty for winter.  Now that the deer can use it to drink again, they won't be happy.  However, I believe tomorrow is the last day of our 40 degree warm spell.  I have the ice all out and don't want it to refreeze.  I will have to get my husband out of his space and project he is working on long enough to accomplish that. 
Another friend was working on a bunch of projects for a craft sale.  That really looked fun.  I might have to think about some things like that to do next Christmas season and go do some of the other craft sales in the county.  Functional, lower priced items work well that time of year and I enjoy making things. 
One thing I think I will make a list of some things I would like to do/and or make.....and get some of that organized for next year!

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