Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 13, 2012 Fall Greys & Gloom

Today is one of those grey, gloomy, drizzly days that make you have a hard time to get inspired to do anything constructive.  Did you ever realize, that no matter what you have to do, inside or out, a nice sunny day always is so much more inspiring. But, in our area anyway, we can sure use the moisture.  There hasn't been any rain, to speak of, in a while.  However, the leaves are down and things are going into shut down mode, so we don't need any downpours either. 
One thing fun about fall, after the color is gone, is the other color....that of the birds migrating through.  Having been a bird watcher all my life, I always enjoy seeing who is coming and going.  This week, a pair of eastern bluebirds has graced us with their presence.  They are neat birds.  Of course, there are about 50 bluejays around.  They are pretty, but can they pack away the seeds, or what?!  The odd hawks are going through also, giving chase to someone or another regularly.  I have even found, much to Toby's dismay, a few grouse back on the trails that have been gotten by hawks.  He is never impressed to find a fresh kill someone else made, and he missed out on.  We have had a huge flock of rusty blackbirds around for a couple of weeks now, adding grackles the last few days.  I haven't seen a yellow-headed blackbird in a while tho.  Purple finches are back.  The always present chickadees and red-breasted nuthatches are busy.  The chipmunk is still busily packing off anything he can get his mouth on for his winter supply.  Yes, it is a busy place around here. 
With that, I guess I will go get inspired!  :)


  1. Oh, yeah, if we could muster up some ambition on this gray day there are as many things left for us to do on a day like this as there are for that industrious little chipmunk of yours! You're probably not going to convince me to suit up and go out to clean up the garden today, but I did get the Halloween decorations up inside the house and am now in the process of restocking the freezer with cookies.

    Our bird population sounds a lot like yours except we have no bluebirds. No yet any way.

    P.S. That bluebird looks almost as big as the moose in your back yard. (Hahahahaha!)

  2. That little chipmunk, "Bob" my husband named always busy. He sure as heck has enough to last him all winter. He has his hole in the lean to of the garage. He will crawl into my hand and eat if I have the time to sit out there. He definitely knows where his treats are coming from. He is pretty cute, even with his very short tail, (thus his name) since he didn't spend his whole summer stealing "my" tomatoes. :)