Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 23, 2012 "Oh deer"...........

This is "Shadow".....the deer that got my "deer" friendships started.  She was 5 years old spring 2012.

Oh dear.....fall is really in the air.  I got up this morning and looked out the window.  There were 12 deer standing around grazing just outside the basement door.  Shadow was one of them with her this years' twins.  Her two older daughters were there.  Zoe was there.  Miz Spectacles and family were there too.  Plus a few others......   It is the time of year the deer start to come around to check and see what is happening in their favorite winter area.  I think it is also thought of as a safe place to leave the kids while they go out romping with a handsome buck for a few days.  So....I go get some treats and out the door I go.  Shadow came on a run and put her head in the bucket.  It is always made very clear to anyone else who would care to pay attention that she is "the deer" around here.  It does get the attention of the others when she always gets first treats and gets her ears rubbed besides.  She loves that.  By now, Zoe is moving into her guard the food, "my yard" mode.  She spent so much time chasing away the "intruders" this morning, she got very little herself.  She was soon peering in the basement window to see where I was and why wasn't I bringing her more treats.
These are Shadow's 2012 twins, a boy and a girl.

Now, you may wonder, what in the heck am I doing with "pet" deer.  I am a deer hunter, after all.  Do you have any idea how interesting my deer hunting is when I go out and meet my "pets" out in the woods, which I do?  Or, have them follow me around......or just stand around near me wondering where the treat is.....    It happens.  Or when I am out where I think I won't run in to them, and then....there they are.....I always have to be sooo sure of my target, to make sure it isn't a pet.  I will have you know there have been a few bucks in this category too.  Although, Shadow is the only "real" pet we can touch and feed by hand.  Zoe interacts, giving head wags and happy dances when you talk to her.  She will come on a run for treats also.  But, Shadow is always the first one there.  If I go out the door and say "where's my Shadow?" she comes on a run, right now.  Too cute.  :)
People also think all deer look alike.  Not so.  Many are rather generic as far as looks.  But, any named ones come with a reference to their looks, as a rule.  Zoe is an exception, named by the grandkids.   The one below, "duckface" was named by Bruce.  This buck has been around a few years also.  He is fairly tame come winter and he wants a treat.  One photo won't give you all the details but his bottom jaw is seriously shorter than the top one.  His bottom jaw is also off set, crooked to one side from the top.  Even the top of his nose is crooked.  He was born with a serious issue, we guess, but he seems to do well even though he has the deformities.
He has a profile that can't be missed in the winter, when the antlers are all shed and you really have to pay attention to who is who out there.  Maybe one day I will get a photo of him in all his glory.  But, so far, only pictures of him shed, as so many of the bucks are by the time they show up in the winter.
Deer are interesting.   When you have watched as many playing in the yard, undisturbed, for as long as I have, you would find some of their games interesting too.  :)

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