Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19, 2012 More Foxy Lady!

This is a favorite photo I took one morning when I was out feeding a fox treats and trying to take photos of him.  He took the treats but kept walking circles around me.  In this one, he is sniffing my shoe as I am sitting on my knees, twisted in the snow.  So curious.  Sometimes, the things they do to try and figure things out are so amusing.  One morning, I was feeding a fox treats.  A red squirrel come running down the tree and the fox jumped and pounced on that squirrel so fast, it never knew what happened.  He ate his meal and came back to me for more treats.  Such is nature.  Take advantage when one can.  It is always a learning experience.
Here is mr. fox after getting a full belly.  Just has to sit around and wonder what is next.  Then, lay around and look contented for a while.  Memories and stories, this is just another aspect of what foxes do for me, besides look pretty or cute. I will leave you with one more of a mom and runt kit, watching the other foxes play.  Pretty adorable.  :)

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