Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 15, 2012. Day of "Firsts."

Today started out with the first frost of the season.  It said 30 degrees on the thermometer when I got up and there was frost on everything.  Even the bird bath and big fountain had ice on them.  The deer were trying to drink out of their favorite spot and "nothing."  What was with that!  As I walked around and checked, it appears that only the cucumbers really got hit hard enough to do serious damage.
It is the first day of grouse season.  My dog, Toby, got so excited when I got out the shotgun and hunting vest to go for a hike.  We had beginning day of season luck too.  Toby flushed two grouse (partridges to him) and he fetched two.  Contented dog laying on the deck right now. 
The other first for today is this.   My friend has been trying to get me to start a blog and post photos of some of my adventures for a while.  So, when I retired, Chicken Mama said she was going to set me up with a blog, give me directions, and off I go.  So, this is my first attempt.  No photos today.  Just short and sweet to see how I and my dial up internet manage a blog. 

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